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Orphan CpG islands boost the regulatory activity of poised enhancers and dictate the respan class='search-keyword'>onan>siveness of their target genes

Tomás Pachano, Víctor Sánchez-Gaya, Maa Mariner-Faulí, et al.

Selected by Jesus Victorino

DMD-based super-resolutian class='search-keyword'>onan> structured illuminatian class='search-keyword'>onan> microscopy visualizes live cell dynamics at high speed and low cost

alice Sandmeyer, Mario Lachetta, Hauke Sandmeyer, et al.

Selected by Mariana De Niz

a lung-an class='search-keyword'>onan>-chip model reveals an essential role for alveolar epithelial cells in can class='search-keyword'>onan>trolling bacterial growth during early tuberculosis

Vivek V. Thacker, Neeraj Dhar, Kunal Sharma, et al.

Selected by Snehal Kadam

LINE elements are a reservoir of regulatory potential in mammalian genomes

Maša Roller, Ericca Stamper, Diego Villar, et al.

Selected by Sergio Menchero

Morphogenesis is transcriptian class='search-keyword'>onan>ally coupled to neurogenesis during peripheral olfactory an class='search-keyword'>organan> development

Raphaël aguillan class='search-keyword'>onan>, Romain Madelaine, Harendra Guturu, et al.

Selected by Karen Groß

Nuclear myosin VI regulates the spatial an class='search-keyword'>organan>izatian class='search-keyword'>onan> of mammalian transcriptian class='search-keyword'>onan> initiatian class='search-keyword'>onan>

Yukti Hari-Gupta, Natalia Fili, Ália dos Santos, et al.

Selected by Jennifer ann Black

Ruler elements in chromatin remodelers set nucleosome array spacing and phasing

Elisa Oberbeckmann, Vanessa Niebauer, Shinya Watanabe, et al.

Selected by Katie Weiner

Tissue size can class='search-keyword'>onan>trols patterns of cell proliferatian class='search-keyword'>onan> and migratian class='search-keyword'>onan> in freely-expanding epithelia

Matthew a. Heinrich, Julienne M. LaChance, Tom J. Zajdel, et al.

Selected by Mariana De Niz

Dissectian class='search-keyword'>onan> of the Fgf8 regulatory landscape by in vivo CRISPR-editing reveals extensive inter- and intra-enhancer redundancy

a. Hörnblad, K. Langenfeld, S. Bastide, et al.

Selected by Clarice Han class='search-keyword'>onan>g

Hnf4a-mediated regulatian class='search-keyword'>onan> of proximal tubule progenitors in the mouse kidney

Sierra S. Marable, Eunah Chung, Joo-Seop Park

Selected by Brooke Chambers

Patient-derived ovarian cancer an class='search-keyword'>organan>oids mimic clinical respan class='search-keyword'>onan>se and exhibit heterogeneous inter- and intrapatient drug respan class='search-keyword'>onan>ses

Chris J. de Witte, Jose Espejo Valle-Inclan, Nizar Hami, et al.

Selected by Zhang-He Goh

Direct ETTIN-auxin interactian class='search-keyword'>onan> can class='search-keyword'>onan>trols chromatin state in gynoecium development

andré Kuhn, Sigurd Ramans Harborough, Heather M. McLaughlin, et al.

Selected by Martin Balcerowicz