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Sex-determining 3D regulatory hubs revealed by genome spatial auto-correlatian class='search-keyword'>onan> analysis

Irene Mota-Gómez, Juan antan class='search-keyword'>onan>io Rodríguez, Shannan class='search-keyword'>onan> Dupan class='search-keyword'>onan>t, et al.

Selected by Martin Estermann

aTM-dependent formatian class='search-keyword'>onan> of a novel chromatin compartment regulates the Respan class='search-keyword'>onan>se to DNa Double Strand Breaks and the biogenesis of translocatian class='search-keyword'>onan>s

Coline arnould, Vincent Rocher, aldo S. Bader, et al.

Selected by Jennifer ann Black

Self-an class='search-keyword'>organan>ized morphogenesis of a human neural tube in vitro by geometric can class='search-keyword'>onan>straints

Eyal Karzbrun, aimal H. Khankhel, Heitor C. Megale, et al.

Selected by Srivatsava Viswanadha

Rapid redistributian class='search-keyword'>onan> and extensive binding of NaNOG and GaTa6 at shared regulatory elements underlie specificatian class='search-keyword'>onan> of divergent cell fates

Joyce J. Thompsan class='search-keyword'>onan>, Daniel J. Lee, apratim Mitra, et al.

Selected by Maa Mariner-Faulí

YaP1 Regulates the Self-an class='search-keyword'>organan>ized Fate Patterning of hESCs-Derived Gastruloids

Servando Giraldez, Elean class='search-keyword'>onan>ora Stran class='search-keyword'>onan>ati, Ling Huang, et al.

Selected by Srivatsava Viswanadha

H3 acetylatian class='search-keyword'>onan> selectively promotes basal progenitor proliferatian class='search-keyword'>onan> and neocortex expansian class='search-keyword'>onan> by activating TRNP1 expressian class='search-keyword'>onan>

Cemil Kerimoglu, Linh Pham, antan class='search-keyword'>onan> B. Tan class='search-keyword'>onan>chev, et al.

Selected by ana Uzquiano

a systematic analysis of Trypanosoma brucei chromatin factors identifies novel protein interactian class='search-keyword'>onan> networks associated with sites of transcriptian class='search-keyword'>onan> initiatian class='search-keyword'>onan> and terminatian class='search-keyword'>onan>

Desislava P. Staneva, Roberta Carlan class='search-keyword'>onan>i, Tatsiana auchynnikava, et al.

Selected by Tamara Sternlieb

Evolutian class='search-keyword'>onan> of mouse circadian enhancers from transposable elements

Julius Judd, Hayley Sandersan class='search-keyword'>onan>, Cédric Feschotte

Selected by Miguel V. almeida

SF3B1-targeted Splicing Inhibitian class='search-keyword'>onan> Triggers Global alteratian class='search-keyword'>onan>s in Transcriptian class='search-keyword'>onan>al Dynamics and R-Loop Metabolism

Daisy Castillo-Guzman, Stella R. Hartan class='search-keyword'>onan>o, Lian class='search-keyword'>onan>el a. Sanz, et al.

Selected by Sree Rama Chaitanya

Ultrafast phasor-based hyperspectral snapshot microscopy for biomedical imaging

Per Niklas Hedde, Rachel Cinco, Lean class='search-keyword'>onan>el Malacrida, et al.

Selected by Stephan Daetwyler

Orphan CpG islands boost the regulatory activity of poised enhancers and dictate the respan class='search-keyword'>onan>siveness of their target genes

Tomás Pachano, Víctor Sánchez-Gaya, Maa Mariner-Faulí, et al.

Selected by Jesus Victorino

DMD-based super-resolutian class='search-keyword'>onan> structured illuminatian class='search-keyword'>onan> microscopy visualizes live cell dynamics at high speed and low cost

alice Sandmeyer, Mario Lachetta, Hauke Sandmeyer, et al.

Selected by Mariana De Niz