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Ruler elements in chromatin remodelers set nucleosome array spacing and phasing

Elisa Oberbeckmann, Vanessa Niebauer, Shinya Watanabe, et al.

Selected by Katie Weiner


Tissue size can class='search-keyword'>onan>trols patterns of cell proliferatian class='search-keyword'>onan> and migratian class='search-keyword'>onan> in freely-expanding epithelia

Matthew a. Heinrich, Julienne M. LaChance, Tom J. Zajdel, et al.

Selected by Mariana De Niz


Dissectian class='search-keyword'>onan> of the Fgf8 regulatory landscape by in vivo CRISPR-editing reveals extensive inter- and intra-enhancer redundancy

a. Hörnblad, K. Langenfeld, S. Bastide, et al.

Selected by Clarice Han class='search-keyword'>onan>g

Hnf4a-mediated regulatian class='search-keyword'>onan> of proximal tubule progenitors in the mouse kidney

Sierra S. Marable, Eunah Chung, Joo-Seop Park

Selected by Brooke Chambers

Patient-derived ovarian cancer an class='search-keyword'>organan>oids mimic clinical respan class='search-keyword'>onan>se and exhibit heterogeneous inter- and intrapatient drug respan class='search-keyword'>onan>ses

Chris J. de Witte, Jose Espejo Valle-Inclan, Nizar Hami, et al.

Selected by Zhang-He Goh


Direct ETTIN-auxin interactian class='search-keyword'>onan> can class='search-keyword'>onan>trols chromatin state in gynoecium development

andré Kuhn, Sigurd Ramans Harborough, Heather M. McLaughlin, et al.

Selected by Martin Balcerowicz

architectural RNa is required for heterochromatin an class='search-keyword'>organan>izatian class='search-keyword'>onan>

Jitendra Thakur, He Fang, Trizia Llagas, et al.

Selected by Raman class='search-keyword'>onan>a Jühlen


Quantitative intravital imaging of Plasmodium falciparum sporozoites: a novel platform to test malaria interventian class='search-keyword'>onan> strategies

Christine S. Hopp, Sachie Kanatani, Nathan K. archer, et al.

Selected by Mariana De Niz


NEUROD2 represses Reelin expressian class='search-keyword'>onan> and can class='search-keyword'>onan>trols dendrite orientatian class='search-keyword'>onan> during cortical radial migratian class='search-keyword'>onan>

Gizem Guzelsoy, Cansu akkaya, Dila atak, et al.

Selected by Theresa Pohlkamp

Modulatian class='search-keyword'>onan> of neuran class='search-keyword'>onan>al resilience during aging by Hsp70/Hsp90/STI1 chaperan class='search-keyword'>onan>e system

Rachel Lackie, abdul Razzaq, Sali M.K. Farhan, et al.

Selected by Giuliana Clemente


Liver-chip: Reproducing Human and Cross-Species Toxicities

Kyung-Jin Jang, Man class='search-keyword'>onan>icah a. Otieno, Janey Ran class='search-keyword'>onan>xhi, et al.

Selected by Zhang-He Goh

a Bile Duct-an class='search-keyword'>onan>-a-chip with an class='search-keyword'>organan>-Level Functian class='search-keyword'>onan>s

Yu Du, Gauri Khandekar, Jessica Llewellyn, et al.

Selected by Zhang-He Goh