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piRNAs regulate a Hedgehog germline-to-soma pro-aging signal

Cheng Shi, Coleen T. Murphy

Selected by 09 December 2021

Chee Kiang Ewe

Developmental Biology

Evolutionary origins of sexual dimorphism : Lessons from female-limited mimicry in butterflies

Ludovic Maisonneuve, Charline Smadi, Violaine Llaurens

Selected by 30 August 2021

Chloe Melo-Gavin

Evolutionary Biology

Overdominant mutations restrict the adaptive loss of heterozygosity at linked loci

Kaitlin J. Fisher, Ryan C. Vignogna, Gregory I. Lang

Selected by 07 June 2021

Mariana Natalino

Evolutionary Biology

sexual conflict promotes species coexistence through negative frequency dependence

Miguel Gomez-Llano, Sofie Nilén, Iain Moodie, et al.

Selected by 15 May 2021

Chloe Melo-Gavin