bioRxiv and medRxiv join our Mastodon Server:

12 October 2023

In response to the evolving landscape of social media platforms, The Company of Biologists has recently launched its own Mastodon server – Active participation on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram has been a cornerstone of our outreach efforts. This move reflects our commitment to fostering a more specialised and interactive online community for biologists.

What sets Mastodon apart is its decentralised structure, with numerous servers operated by different groups or individuals, each with its own unique focus and rules. After several months of exploration, The Company of Biologists decided to establish its own server providing a focussed and tailored space for enthusiasts and professionals in the field of biology.

We’re really excited to see that, over the last few months, many people have joined us on Mastodon. At preLights, we were particularly excited when last week the preprint servers bioRxiv and medRxiv announced their migration to our Mastodon platform. bioRxiv has created dedicated accounts for each subject category, allowing users to follow their specific areas of interest seamlessly. As they point out, their move to our platform comes at an opportune time since Mastodon has recently introduced full-text search functionality, complementing its existing hashtag-based search system.

For those new to Mastodon, we would recommend exploring resources such as:

If you’re ready to join us on Mastodon, you can create an account on For those already on other servers, migrating your account is an option if you wish to make the switch. Importantly, you can still follow and engage with The Company of Biologists from any Mastodon server of your choice. We hope to see many of you there!

screenshot of the homepage of the server on Mastodon.