Updating and automating the website during the eLife Sprint 2020

13th October 2020

By Zhang-He Goh, Jonny Coates, Hugo Gruson Cross-posted with rOpenSci   At the eLife Sprint in September 2020, we revamped the website, which aims at featuring landmark preprints on a timeline of the pandemic. The birth of the project The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has led to about 35 million confirmed cases and over a[…]

Meet the preLighters: an interview with Zhang-He Goh

12th October 2020

Zhang-He Goh is a new PhD student in Chemistry at the University of Cambridge’s Syntech CDT. He completed his undergraduate studies and research at the National University of Singapore and A*STAR, where his main research projects were focussed on tuberculosis and reducing the side-effects of anti-tuberculosis drugs. We caught up with Zhang-He just before he[…]

Preprints by preLighters – Tessa Sinnige

15th September 2020

Tessa Sinnige has been part of the preLights team for nearly two years and has highlighted a number of preprints related to protein aggregation (her main research focus), but also studies on other topics such as academic research culture (you can read all her preLights here). Following the ‘Meet the preLighters’ interview last year, we asked[…]

Preprints by preLighters – Miguel Almeida

10th September 2020

Miguel Almeida is a postdoctoral researcher at the Gurdon Institute/University of Cambridge, UK where he recently joined the lab of Eric Miska. Prior to this, he pursued his PhD in the lab of René Ketting at the Institute of Molecular Biology in Mainz. We asked Miguel about his latest publication on bioRxiv: The double-stranded DNA-binding proteins TEBP-1[…]

preLights is participating in the #PreprintReviewChallenge

24th August 2020

On 22 September preLights will be joining ASAPbio for the #PreprintReviewChallenge as part of Peer Review Week 2020. In a live session hosted online, we will get together to write constructive comments and reviews on preprints, with the aim to develop the largest collection of public commentary on preprinted research in a single day.  In[…]

Meet the preLighters: an interview with Nicola Stevenson

6th July 2020

Nicola Stevenson is a senior postdoc at the University of Bristol in the lab of Prof David Stephens and has worked on various cellular processes such as intracellular trafficking, ciliogenesis and extracellular matrix secretion. We caught up with Nicola to talk about her research and experience with preprints and preLights.       Let’s start[…]