preLighter Teresa Rayon gives a talk at event on preprints and science news

27th February 2019

Earlier this month, Open Research London and the Open Access team at The Francis Crick Institute organized a symposium with the title: Preprints and Science news: how can they co-exist? Among the four invited speakers of the evening was preLighter Teresa Rayon (who is a postdoc in James Briscoe’s lab). She discussed how preLights promotes[…]

Celebrating preLights’ first Birthday

20th February 2019

preLights, the preprint highlighting service hosted by The Company of Biologists launched one year ago.   Some of the numbers and highlights from the first year: we have over 100 preLighters we’ve posted 325 preLights articles the preLighter community has actively advocated for preprints beyond writing highlight posts (e.g. giving talks at meetings & workshops,[…]

The most read preLights in 2018

31st December 2018

A big thanks to all of you following preLights this year! We were excited to launch in February, are thrilled that the service is building momentum, and are looking forward to introducing new features and preLighters in 2019! Looking back at 260 posts, these were our most viewed:   #1 is a preLight from Gautam[…]

preLights at SpotOn London

5th November 2018

We were really happy to talk at SpotOn London about our fantastic preLights community and the work they are doing to promote preprints and help scientists by highlighting preprints for them. Our presentation was in the panel ‘Open research in practice’ where we also heard about other exciting initiatives that promote open science.  

Call for new preLighters

1st November 2018

preLights, The Company of Biologist’s new preprint highlighting service, has now been running for more than eight months. At the heart of preLights is the community of early-career researchers who select and highlight interesting preprints in various fields. As the service is building momentum, we are ready to grow our team of preLighters and are[…]

Meet the preLighters: an interview with Samantha Seah

26th October 2018

Samantha Seah is a PhD student at EMBL, Heidelberg in the lab of Christoph Merten. She trained as a geneticist, and now develops microfluidic technology for antibody screening. We caught up with Samantha to talk about different aspects of science, preprints and preLights.   Could you tell us about the path leading to your current[…]