Introducing the preLights ambassadors

4 May 2023

preLights has been up and running for over five years now and wouldn’t be where it is today without the continued support and dedication of all our preLighters. To keep developing this platform and respond to the needs of the community, we’re making some changes to the community structure by introducing network hubs: the preLights[…]

Happy 5th Birthday to preLights!

20 February 2023

Five years ago today, on a Tuesday afternoon, preLights was officially launched. What a journey it has been so far! From its beginning, the preLights community has been steadily growing to now include over 400 preLighters, 1400 subscribers and 7000 Twitter followers! Without the passion, dedication and support of this diverse and international community, the[…]

preLights’ 5th Birthday webinar: A career discussion with preLights alumni

13 February 2023

preLights is celebrating its 5th birthday and to mark the occasion we are delighted to announce a festive webinar on 14 March 2023. This webinar will feature four short talks given by preLights alumni who have all made significant contributions to preLights, and have since taken a range of different career paths. The webinar will[…]

New Year, updated website – changes that improve clarity and foster collaboration.

5 January 2023

As you may have noticed, some subtle (yet important) changes have been made to the preLights website this month. Earlier this year, we introduced the concept of postLights to allow the comparison between a preLighted preprint and (once published) the peer-reviewed, journal article (see this earlier News post). This means that there are now three[…]

Journey of the preprint – introducing postLights

6 October 2022

Earlier this year, an Open-Access paper was published in PLOS Biology that systematically tracks the changes between preprint posting and journal publication during the COVID-19 pandemic (read it here).  Among the authors of this paper are two preLighters – Jonny Coates (corresponding author), Gautam Dey – and the former preLights Community Manager Máté Pálfy. They[…]

Call for new preLighters

11 August 2022

preLights, The Company of Biologists’ preprint highlighting service, has been up and running for over five years now. During that time, we have had over 1,350 preLights posts published on our dedicated website. At the heart of preLights is the community of early-career researchers who select and highlight interesting preprints across diverse fields of biology.[…]