Meet the preLighters: Osvaldo Contreras

24th January 2022

Osvaldo Contreras is a Chilean molecular and cell biologist working as a postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Prof. Richard Harvey at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute (VCCRI) in Sydney, Australia, where he investigates heart development and repair. He completed his PhD in Prof. Enrique Brandan’s lab at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile,[…]

preLights talks to Leslea J. Hlusko

20th December 2021

Professor Leslea Hlusko is a researcher at the Centro Nacional de Investigación sobra la Evolución Humana (CNEIEH), having recently moved from the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of California, Berkely. She is interested in how genes influence skeletal variation and how this has evolved through time. Alongside her research and teaching, she is[…]

Meet the preLighters: Baheerathan Murugavel

1st December 2021

Baheerathan Murugavel is a PhD student in the lab of Professor Hema Somanathan at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Thiruvananthapuram (IISER TVM). His research focuses on the visual ecology of fruit-feeding bats in southern India, and he has written several preLights posts on research related to bat behaviour and ecology. As well[…]

preLights talks to Sarvenaz Sarabipour

15th November 2021

Sarvenaz Sarabipour is an assistant research scientist at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD USA. She received her PhD in Engineering also from Johns Hopkins University, and her research focuses on receptor signalling networks at the cell and tissue level. As well as her scientific interests, she is an active advocate for early-career researchers, open science,[…]

preLights talks to Professor Christopher Jackson

25th October 2021

preLights talks to Chris Jackson Chris Jackson is Professor of Sustainable Geoscience at the University of Manchester, UK. Alongside his research career, you might recognise him from his TV work: he presented The Royal Institution’s 2019 Christmas Lectures as well as BBC2’s Expedition Volcano, which showed him descending into Mount Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic[…]

Meet the preLighters: João Mello-Vieria

15th September 2021

João Mello-Vieira joined preLights earlier this year, and has written many preLights posts on parasitology. Recently he has moved away from academic research into science writing and communication. We caught up with Joao to learn more about his new role and how preLights helped him decide to move into a writing job.   What inspired[…]

preLights talks to Amanda Haage

31st August 2021

Amanda Haage is an Assistant Professor at the University of North Dakota, where she is on the education scholar track, combining her own research program with an emphasis on undergraduate teaching. She did her PhD at Iowa State University before moving to the University of British Columbia for a postdoc. Her research focuses on the[…]

Meet the preLighters: Sophia Friesen

19th August 2021

Sophia Friesen is a graduate student in the lab of Iswar Hariharan at the University of California, Berkeley. Their PhD research focuses on developmental timing and the regulation of epithelial growth and patterning, using Drosophila as their model organism. They are also passionate about science communication and diversity and representation in science. In their time[…]