Create preprint lists (preLists) on our website!

20 January 2020

We launched preLists last year, and responding to the interest from the scientific community, we have now made it possible for any researcher (not just preLighters) to create either a topic-specific preprint list, or collect a list of preprints that were presented at a conference. (The posting of preprint highlights remains restricted to ‘preLighters’.)


How can you become a preList contributor?

You first have to register on preLights. During the registration, tick the box ‘I would like to create preList posts for the preLights site’.


In case you are already a registered user on preLights, you can update your profile and request to become a preList contributor by ticking the relevant box.

After you have made a request, the preLights Community Manager will verify your account, and you will be able to post preLists.


How can you post a preList?

In order to post a preList, you need to be logged in on the website. To log in, select ‘Log in/register’ from the Menu bar on the homepage. This will take you to the dashboard, where you can choose ‘preLists’ and then ‘Add new’ from the Menu on the left handside.



After clicking ‘Add New’ you can enter the title of your preList under ‘Add new preList’. If you are making a conference preList, enter the name of the meeting.

Then give a brief (one sentence) summary about your list of preprints. If your preList is related to a conference, tick the relevant box.


In the ‘Preprint details’ tab, you can upload preprints simply by pasting in the URL and hitting ‘Retrieve preprint details’. To grow the list, hit ‘Add another preprint’. You can also add a sentence or two explaining why the preprint you feature in the list is interesting under ‘Why is this preprint interesting?’