How to conduct interviews – brainstorming session with members of the Node, preLights and FocalPlane.

18 September 2023

Our three community sites – the Node, preLights and FocalPlane – have joined forces to create a platform for scientists who are keen to work on their science communication skills. This year, we have run several webinars and workshops that all aimed to empower our community members with relevant tools and skills. By pooling expertise and resources, we created a supportive environment that fosters learning and growth.

During our most recent interactive webinar, we focused on the art of interviewing. In an era where digital media has amplified the importance of compelling interviews, we thought it would be useful to discuss relevant experiences and share tips and tricks. The webinar drew participants from various scientific disciplines, all eager to learn and discuss the nuances of conducting engaging and informative interviews. 

The session was a resounding success. We managed to cover a range of relevant topics, including the different ways to approach the interview, the art of crafting meaningful questions, and editing techniques and practices. As it was a highly interactive session, we used a Miro board to capture our thoughts and questions. In the figure below, we captured a few things that were brought up during the webinar: what to consider before, during, and after an interview. We hope that this will be a useful resource for anyone who would like to refine their skills in conducting interviews.