Meet Máté Pálfy, the new Community Manager for preLights!

9 May 2018

Hello everyone,

My name is Máté and I’m really happy to start this month as the Community Manager for preLights. I’ve always been very excited about reading and discussing cutting-edge research and all the new ideas in science; so probably it’s needless to say that I’ve quickly become a huge fan of preprints.

I’m from Hungary, but started my training in experimental research at the Vienna Biocenter in Austria on ‘the worm’. For my PhD I switched fields and model organisms, and joined the Vastenhouw lab at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden. Here, I was studying how zebrafish embryos activate their transcriptional programs during development. I defended my PhD thesis just over a week ago and moved right away to Cambridge to start this brand new position. It is quite a change to swap my zebrafish experiments (I enjoyed injecting those embryos! 🙂 ) for working on the preLights service, but I am very excited about further building this platform and I’m looking forward to all the interactions with the community!

Obviously, many people at The Company of Biologists have put in a lot of thought and effort to get the site successfully up and running, and the preLighter community has already written many outstanding posts – communicating their personal perspectives on the preprints they find interesting. Indeed, the main aim of preLights will continue to be providing personal opinions on the research published in preprints and putting them in unique contexts. I hope this service will not only help scientists navigate through the ever-increasing preprint literature, but also facilitate open discussions about science between preprint authors and the whole scientific community.

If you have any questions about preLights or any suggestions on how to make our platform better, please get in contact with me at

Also, follow us on Twitter @preLights, or me personally @mate_palfy