preLights’ 5th Birthday webinar recording is now available!

15 March 2023

preLights is celebrating its 5th birthday. To mark the occasion, this webinar features four short talks given by preLights alumni who have all made significant contributions to preLights, and have since taken a range of career paths. In their talks, they tell us how they have managed to identify and navigate the challenges, opportunities, and obstacles they faced as early-career researchers and how these have all led them to where they are today. Also, they tell us a bit about their current position and future goals and ambitions.


• Martin Balcerowicz, Principal Investigator, University of Dundee, UK

• Sejal Davla, Freelance Science Writer and Data Consultant, Canada

• Amanda Haage, Assistant Professor, University of North Dakota, USA

• Sagar Varankar, Senior Scientist, HigherSteaks, UK

Q&A (~20 minutes)

Discussion moderator: Reinier Prosée, preLights Community Manager, The Company of Biologists.