preLights is participating in the #PreprintReviewChallenge

24 August 2020

On 22 September preLights will be joining ASAPbio for the #PreprintReviewChallenge as part of Peer Review Week 2020. In a live session hosted online, we will get together to write constructive comments and reviews on preprints, with the aim to develop the largest collection of public commentary on preprinted research in a single day. 

In alignment with Peer Review Week’s theme on Trust, we aim to support trust in preprints by developing a set of comments and reviews on preprinted research and driving visibility to this important activity. Participants can choose to comment on the full paper or specific aspects of it, and will have a chance to interact with others working on the same preprint. 

Help us build trust in preprints by joining the #PreprintReviewChallenge on September 22. Register for the #PreprintReviewChallenge here: