preLights x FocalPlane social writing event

6 October 2021

Last week we hosted our first social writing event in collaboration with our sister site FocalPlane!

FocalPlane is hosted by Journal of Cell Science (JCS) and encompasses all fields of the biological sciences where they meet microscopy. With that in mind, we selected two preprints with a focus on imaging from two very different fields of biology: parasitology and neuroscience. preLighters were invited to read the preprints in advance, and come to our first ever preLights x FocalPlane Zoom event to start thinking about and writing their collaborative preLights posts.

This was a great opportunity to meet other people in our preLights community, and everyone who attended enjoyed the event!

Stay tuned to preLights and FocalPlane to see the preLights posts in the coming weeks.

A Zoom screenshot from the event!