Emily Chan

The Ohio State University

I am Ph.D. candidate in Biophysics at The Ohio State University, USA looking to understand the underlying mechanisms that breast cancer cells use to migrate. My research examines regulatory pathways on the cell membrane that are necessary for breast cancer cell migration, especially in the early stages of invasion during metastasis. I have broad interests in cell biology and bioengineering, including membrane trafficking, mechanobiology, microfluidics, and microscopy. Since my career goal is to become a scientific editor and writer, I am dedicated to developing my scientific communication skills to prepare for this career, especially by writing posts for preLights. I find a great deal of satisfaction when I sit down with a paper and get inspired to review and share it, which solidifies my understanding of the work. At the same time, I can help the reader of my review to get excited to read more or save time on their own research. Outside of research and writing, I love biking, hiking, drawing, petting dogs, and spending too much money on cute things I don’t need. 

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