During my PhD, I worked with K N Balaji (at the Indian Institute of Science) on deciphering the roles of host innate immune signaling pathways during infections. In particular, I focused on BMP signaling, a pathway poorly explored in the context of immunity and demonstrated how it is hijacked epigenetically by pathogens in a variety of murine mouse models.

As a young Post-doc in the laboratory of Claire Rougeulle (at the Epigenetics and Cell Fate Unit, Paris Diderot University) I have transitioned to the field of X chromosome inactivation (XCI). I work on understanding the role of epigenetic mechanisms, specifically, long non-coding RNAs in the context of XCI and primordial germ cells in humans. My long-term goal is to delve into the intersection of XCI and immune functions.

At preLights, my interdisciplinary background enables me to focus on research relating to infection, immunity and X chromosome inactivation in humans, primates and mouse.

My interest in the preLights community

The extraordinary popularity of bioRxiv has brought back stimulating times in biology. It is now possible to access, record precedence and disseminate research to wide audiences. Alongside, active communities such as preLights have enabled engaging conversations offering highlights, critiques and connect across multiple forums such as individual websites and Twitter. At preLights I am thrilled to associate with and promote the work of scientists that believe in the preprint movement.

I feel Twitter is a great way to keep myself updated with the “just out” research. Follow me @KasturiMahadik!

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TGFβ restricts T cell function and bacterial control within the tuberculous granuloma

Benjamin H Gern, Kristin N Adams, Courtney R Plumlee, et al.

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