Organogenesis and Cancer Program

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

The Organogenesis and Cancer Program at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, located in Melbourne, Australia, investigates organ development and how failure of organogenesis contributes to cancer.

Our program is a multidisciplinary group that studies fundamental biological processes by leveraging the unique strengths of different experimental models, such as Drosophila, zebrafish, mice and human cell culture.

We believe the process of peer-review to be critical for our scientific community, although with the growing number of preprints, it has become increasingly difficult to identify relevant articles. Here, we aim to summarise preprint articles that are of interest to us, and also highlight them to the wider community. For more information, please visit our website.

Coordinated by: Sakurako Kobayashi (twitter: @Kobayashi1S) and Ryan Brown (twitter: @BrownRyan97)

Organogenesis and Cancer Program has added 1 preLight post

VEGFA mRNA-LNP promotes biliary epithelial cell-to-hepatocyte conversion in acute and chronic liver diseases and reverses steatosis and fibrosis

Fatima Rizvi, Yu-Ri Lee, Ricardo Diaz-Aragon, et al.

Selected by 04 August 2023

Organogenesis and Cancer Program

Developmental Biology

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