Silvia Becca

Univeristy of Turin

I’m a PhD student in prof. Bertero’s lab, at the University of Turin. My main interest is stem cell research and human iPS differentiation following 3D models. My fondness in the field goes back to my research assistant period at the University of Cambridge, in prof. Ludovic Vallier’s lab.

My current interest is to study congenital heart disease (CHD) in cardiac organoids differentiated from hiPSCs. In particular, our focus is to understand the role of genetic-driven chromatin topology alterations in the onset and severity of this disease.

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A patterned human heart tube organoid model generated by pluripotent stem cell self-assembly

Brett Volmert, Ashlin Riggs, Fei Wang, et al.

Selected by 13 February 2023

Silvia Becca


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