Teodora Piskova

RWTH Aachen University

I am a Biotechnology M.Sc. pursuing a PhD to unravel retinal epithelium mechanobiology during aging. My research focuses on post-mitotic epithelia, tissue mechanics, mechanical homeostasis, the extracellular matrix, the outer retina, and ocular diseases. Additionally, I am captivated by epithelial topology and arrangement in both morphogenesis and overall homeostasis.

Within a highly interdisciplinary environment, I believe cross-discipline collaborations and idea exchange hold a bright future for the life sciences. My career aspiration is clear – to become an independent group leader and shape a research legacy with my unique perspective. Immersing myself in scientific literature and engaging in thought-provoking discussions are vital to cultivate my vision and uncover unanswered questions.

Beyond academia, I enthusiastically learn languages, currently tackling my fifth, and find joy in weightlifting at the gym.

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