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Members of the Arabidopsis auxin receptor gene family are essential early in embryogenesis and have broadly overlapping functions

Michael J Prigge, Nikita Kadakia, Kathleen Greenham, et al.

Selected by 04 April 2019

Chandra Shekhar Misra

Developmental Biology

A DNA-based voltmeter for organelles

Anand Saminathan, John Devany, Kavya S Pillai, et al.

Selected by 15 February 2019

Robert Mahen


S-acylated Golga7b stabilises DHHC5 at the plasma membrane to regulate desmosome assembly and cell adhesion.

Keith T Woodley, Mark O Collins

Selected by 28 January 2019

Abagael Lasseigne


Reduced mitochondrial lipid oxidation leads to fat accumulation in myosteatosis

Jonathan P Gumucio, Austin H Qasawa, Patrick J Ferrara, et al.

Selected by 07 January 2019

Pablo Ranea Robles


The cell wall regulates dynamics and size of plasma-membrane nanodomains in Arabidopsis.

Joseph Franics McKenna, Daniel Rolfe, Stephen E D Webb, et al.

Selected by 10 December 2018

Marc Somssich

Cell Biology

Imaging beyond the super-resolution limits using ultrastructure expansion microscopy (UltraExM)

Davide Gambarotto, Fabian Zwettler, Marketa Cernohorska, et al.

Selected by 10 July 2018

Satish Bodakuntla

Cell Biology