preLights posts are now featured in The Company of Biologists journals

1 August 2018

Three of The Company of Biologists journals (Development, Journal of Cell Science, Disease Models & Mechanisms) now feature preLights posts each month in their online Table of Contents (eTOC). The lists include the title of the highlighted preprints, their short ‘tweetable’ summaries and links to the preLights posts and the preLighter’s profiles.  

Call for new preLighters

5 June 2018

preLights, The Company of Biologist’s new preprint highlighting service, has now been running for more than five months. At the heart of preLights is the community of early-career researchers who select and highlight interesting preprints in various fields. We are ready to grow our team of preLighters and are seeking early-career researchers, who are passionate[…]

Meet Máté Pálfy, the new Community Manager for preLights!

9 May 2018

Hello everyone, My name is Máté and I’m really happy to start this month as the Community Manager for preLights. I’ve always been very excited about reading and discussing cutting-edge research and all the new ideas in science; so probably it’s needless to say that I’ve quickly become a huge fan of preprints. I’m from[…]

Introducing preLights: a Development editorial

23 February 2018

preLights was conceived and developed with input from representatives of The Company of Biologists’ five journals, including Development (which publishes advances in developmental biology and stem cells). In Development’s latest issue, Executive Editor Katherine Brown and Editor-in-Chief Olivier Pourquié tell the story behind preLights and share some thoughts on its future. You can read the Editorial[…]

preLights is now live

21 February 2018

We were delighted to publicly launch preLights on the afternoon of February 20th. preLights is the new preprint highlights service run by the community and supported by The Company of Biologists. Our dedicated team of over 80 selectors will keep posting new highlights regularly. By registering on the site, you can tell us your specific interests to get[…]

preLights preparations in full swing

9 February 2018

We are very excited about this new project and preparations are in full swing. You will find some further data and details about the project below:   80 Over 80 people have joined our team of “preLighters”. They will be selecting preprints they feel are of specific interest to the biological community and will highlight why[…]