Celebrating our second birthday!

20 February 2020

preLights launched two years ago, and we’re thrilled to see how the platform has grown over this time. Our vibrant community of 180 early-career researchers and counting (we currently have an open call for new members to join) has written 600 preprint highlights. New initiatives such as preLists and authors commenting on their peer review experience mean we’re heading into our third year full of excitement for the future. To celebrate, we’ve created a timeline of some memorable moments of the past two years and are happy to announce that all preLights posts are getting a doi.

Similar to last year, we will be hosting guest posts from board members and editors of our journals until the end of March, so watch this space.

Finally, we once again thank the preLighters, who are at the very heart of this community service, for making preLights what it is today.