EMBL Chromatin and Epigenetics conference

A list of preprints presented at #EMBL Chromatin (17-20 May 2021)

List by Mate Palfy


Epigenetic change induced by in utero dietary challenge provokes phenotypic variability across multiple generations of mice

Mathew Van de Pette, Antonio Galvao, Steven J. Millership, Wilson To, Andrew Dimond, Chiara Prodani, Grainne McNamara, Ludovica Bruno, Alessandro Sardini, Zoe Webster, James McGinty, Paul French, Anthony G. Uren, Juan Castillo-Fernandez, Rosalind M. John, Anne C. Ferguson-Smith, Matthias Merkenschlager, Gavin Kelsey, Amanda G. Fisher,

CENP-A overexpression drives distinct cell fates depending on p53 status

Daniel Jeffery, Katrina Podsypanina, Alberto Gatto, Rebeca Ponce Landete, Lorraine Bonneville, Marie Dumont, Daniele Fachinetti, Geneviève Almouzni

Distal and proximal cis-regulatory elements sense X-chromosomal dosage and developmental state at the Xist locus

Rutger A.F. Gjaltema, Till Schwämmle, Pauline Kautz, Michael Robson, Robert Schöpflin, Liat Ravid Lustig, Lennart Brandenburg, Ilona Dunkel, Carolina Vechiatto, Evgenia Ntini, Verena Mutzel, Vera Schmiedel, Annalisa Marsico, Stefan Mundlos, Edda G. Schulz


Posted on: 17th May 2021

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