Alvaro Montiel-Jorda

CNRS Toulouse, France

Spanish by birth, I obtained my BSc. In Biotechnology from the Spanish University Miguel Hernández in 2014. To specialize myself in plant biology, I decided to join a master in plant biology at Umeå Universitet in Sweden, in close partnership with Umeå Plant Science Centre. The internship at Ove Nilsson’s laboratory confirmed my desire to carry out a PhD, so in 2016 I competed for a French Government-funded scholarship to join Grégory Vert’s team and was lucky to obtain it. My PhD work in France led to a first co-authored publication in Nature Communications, where we demonstrated that, surprisingly, root thermomorphogenesis is auxin-independent and rather relies on the repression of brassinosteroid signaling. While searching for a long-term postdoc, I decided to continue working in Grégory Vert’s team as a short-term postdoc. More recently, I have identified a new plant-specific, protein family involved in microtubule organization and brassinosteroid signaling. I have thus become interested in the connection between hormones, membrane receptors, the cytoskeleton and the cell wall.  

Outside the lab, I am passionate about learning new languages (so far I can speak Spanish, Catalan, French, English, Swedish and a little bit of Hebrew) and contributing to the social life on campus (just finished my term as President of the Association of Young Researchers at INRA/CNRS Toulouse).  

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