Anh Hoang Le

CRUK Beatson Institute

I’m a second year PhD student in Professor Laura Machesky lab at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research working on cancer cell invasion and metastasis. Before my PhD, I was an undergraduate student at the University of Bristol, majoring in Biochemistry. I always get amazed by how biochemical processes work, things like Aquaporin protein can control the movement of even a single water molecule is just the coolest thing ever, or how a change in one single amino acid can make a protein become hyperactive and can drive tumorigenesis. I love using my knowledge of chemistry and physics in explaining biological phenomena. Science is one of three fundamental things that keep me going (according to the Law of Anh’s action 😉 ). In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, Taylor Swift in particular 😉 and also doing a bit of amateur photography.

Most of my preprint, as you could imagine, will be revolving around cell migration and metastasis, but occasionally I will jump out of my comfort zone and try writing about new things too.

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