Ashleigh Davey

University of Sheffield

I’m interested in how studying tiny molecules can help us answer big biological questions.

I’m a final year PhD student in the Twelvetrees lab at the University of Sheffield, studying the essential process of axonal translation in neurons. I use tools such as single molecule microscopy to determine the crucial mechanisms that keep neurons alive. In particular, my research project focuses on understanding how ribosomes are translocated into the axons of primary neurons, and how their composition enables them to carry out their specialised role. This work will help us better understand how neurons carry out local translation in axons and provide insights into how defects in local translation may cause neurological disease. My research interests include neuronal cell biology, RNA translation, gene editing, microscopy techniques, and bioinformatics.

When I’m not in the lab, I love playing D&D and watching horror films with friends.

Ashleigh Davey has added 2 preLight posts

Analysis of subcellular transcriptomes by RNA proximity labeling with Halo-seq

Krysta L. Engel, Hei-Yong G. Lo, Raeann Goering, et al.

Selected by 15 September 2021

Ashleigh Davey

Molecular Biology

A cryo-ET study of microtubules in axons

H E Foster, C Ventura Santos, A P Carter

Selected by 01 June 2021

Ashleigh Davey


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