Juan Quintana

Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infective Research (WCAIR)

I was born and raised in Valencia, Venezuela, where I pursued undergraduate studies in Biology at the University of Carabobo, under the supervision of Dr. Emilia Barrios and Dr. Pimali Felibertt, exploring the immunological responses against Schistosoma mansoni infections. In 2009, I moved to Zaragoza, Spain, to pursue master’s studies in Cellular and Molecular Biology with Dr. Julian Pardo, where I focussed in understanding the role of innate and acquired immunity against Brucella species, important zoonotic pathogens of medical and veterinary importance. In 2014, after a period of work as a research assistant at the Centre for Biological Research under the supervision of Dr. Cristina Vega, I decided to continue with my postgraduate formation and accepted a position as a PhD student in the laboratory of Dr. Amy H. Buck, where I explored the role of extracellular vesicles and extracellular RNAs in the communication between filarial nematodes and their hosts. In 2017, I joined the laboratory of Prof. Mark C. Field at the University of Dundee, where I am currently a postdoctoral research associated exploring the biology of African trypanosomes.

Motivation to become a PreLighter

These are exciting days to be a scientist! – there are a lot of changes taking place in academia and we are moving towards a more open and inclusive community. Perhaps the best example of this openness in science is the promotion of preprints, which I believe accelerates scientific discovery, promotes transparency in the peer-review process, and allows a fairer access to the scientific knowledges in places and institutions who cannot afford to pay the fees imposed by standard publishing organisations. I am excited to join the PreLighter group as a contributor as I will be able to connect and promote the work of scientists who have decided to embrace the preprint movement, helping them to attract attention to their research, and increasing awareness of the preprint movement.

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