Kerryn Elliott

I am an Australian molecular biologist living in Sweden working in Erik Larsson Lekholm’s Cancer Genomics lab at the University of Gothenburg. We focus on using next-gen sequencing methods to understand mutational processes in cancer. My recent interests have been in understanding the mutagenic processes of UV light, where we mapped UV damage across the human genome and found that promoter hotspots in melanoma result from locally increased UV damage.

I received my PhD from the University of Melbourne at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research working with Antony Burgess, where I looked at the structure and function of the APC protein, which is mutated in 70% of colorectal cancers. I moved to Sweden in 2012 to the lab of Julie Grantham where we found that the subunits of the chaperone protein CCT have individual functions. I moved to Erik Larsson Lekholm’s lab in 2016 where I shifted focus back to cancer biology and have been able to build up a number of techniques and generate data to support our cancer genomics discoveries.

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