Sagar Varankar

Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

Hi! I am a post-doctoral researcher working with Dr. Joo-Hyeon Lee at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, UK. A key research interest of mine has been to understand the interaction of epithelial cells with their microenvironment during tissue repair and disease progression.

My graduate research focused on understanding mechanisms that govern the plasticity of ovarian cancer cells and its contribution to therapy resistance. Observations from my PhD fuelled my interest in the physical and chemical crosstalk between different cell populations that facilitate optimal organ function. These musings led to me joining Dr. Lee’s group in Cambridge wherein I am attempting to understand how the lung epithelium instructs its niche in response to injury and generates an environment most conducive to regeneration. My project involves lineage tracing of epithelial and stromal cell populations in mouse models of lung injury, establishment of organoid and ex vivo explant models to capture cell-fate conversion and single cell transcriptomics to delineate the complexity of stem cell-stroma interactions.

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