Vikash Singh

University of Cambridge

Briefly, am a post doc researcher at Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge. I work on the interplay between bacterial pathogens with their host. My current work involves deciphering signaling pathways with-in the host cells that are hijacked by Gram negative bacteria such as Salmonella, EPEC, and Shigella etc. to facilitate their own invasion and survival in host cells. Before joining in Cambridge, I completed my PhD at Humboldt University, Berlin studying how Salmonella intercepts host autophagy machinery in order to obtain nutrients intracellularly.


Am also actively, involved with the eLife Community in their eLife Ambassador program which is a great initiative to bring together young researcher to shape and drive publication landscape for the betterment of science, mainly supporting preprints, better reproducibility and data sharing across biological sciences.

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Brucella effector hijacks endoplasmic reticulum quality control machinery to prevent premature egress

Jean-Baptiste Luizet, Julie Raymond, Thais Lourdes Santos Lacerda, et al.

Selected by 26 July 2019

Vikash Singh


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