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Nuclear envelope assembly defects link mitotic errors to chromothripsis

Shiwei Liu, Mijung Kwon, Mark Mannino, et al.

Selected by 14 March 2018

Dey Lab

Cell Biology

Epigenetic Drift of H3K27me3 in Aging Links Glycolysis to Healthy Longevity

Zaijun Ma, Hui Wang, Yuping Cai, et al.

Selected by 19 February 2018

Sammi (Shuang Wang)

Molecular Biology

Inheritance of OCT4 predetermines fate choice in human embryonic stem cells

Samuel C. Wolff, Raluca Dumitru, Kasia M. Kedziora, et al.

Selected by 14 February 2018

Claire Simon & Sophie Morgani

Developmental Biology

GSK3 Controls Migration of the Neural Crest Lineage

Sandra G Gonzalez Malagon, Anna Lopez Munoz, Daniel Doro, et al.

Selected by 30 January 2018

Amanda Haage

Cell Biology