preLights x FocalPlane social writing event

6 October 2021

Last week we hosted our first social writing event in collaboration with our sister site FocalPlane! FocalPlane is hosted by Journal of Cell Science (JCS) and encompasses all fields of the biological sciences where they meet microscopy. With that in mind, we selected two preprints with a focus on imaging from two very different fields[…]

the Node features preLights posts related to developmental biology

28 September 2021

the Node’s Community Manager, Helen Zenner, has launched Developing News!  A bi-weekly summary of goings-on in the world of developmental biology, Developing News will also include any development-related preLights posts that have been published in the prior two weeks. Many of our preLighters work in developmental biology, so keep an eye on the Node for[…]

Read the ‘Cell Scientist to Watch’ interview with Stephen Royle in JCS

20 September 2021

Stephen Royle is a Professor at the Centre for Mechanochemical Cell Biology, Warwick Medical School, where his research focuses on understanding molecular mechanisms of membrane trafficking and mitosis. Stephen is also on the Board of Directors of The Company of Biologists, and we are grateful that he is part of the Scientific Advisory Group for[…]

Preprints in Motion recent episodes: September 2021

6 September 2021

The Preprints in Motion podcast was launched by preLighters Jonny Coates and Emma Wilson earlier this year. Thanks to Emma for updating us on their recent episodes: Episode 07: A Transcriptional Switch Governs Fibroblast Activation in Heart Disease In Episode 07 we discuss BET inhibitors and fibroblast activation with Michael Alexanian @m_alexanian a Postdoctoral researcher[…]

preLights at #FeedbackASAP

18 August 2021

ASAPBio hosted a #FeedbackASAP event on 21 July, with the aim of discussing public feedback on preprints. preLights was delighted to be invited to feature on the panel, speaking about how our community of preLighters highlight and facilitate discussion around preprints. It was great to hear about other new preprint review and curation initiatives, and[…]

FocalPlane features new preprints-of-interest in the world of microscopy

2 August 2021

FocalPlane, another community site supported by The Company of Biologists, has launched a monthly round-up of microscopy-related preprints. Each post will include new preprints and preLights that are relevant to the microscopy community, as well as some of the beautiful figures that feature in the manuscripts. A new FocalPlane and preLights collaboration will also be[…]

preLighters launch Preprints in Motion podcast

21 July 2021

Two members of the preLights community, Jonny Coates and Emma Wilson, recently launched a new preprint-focused podcast. Preprints in Motion, dubbed as ‘getting the director’s cut of cutting-edge research direct from the hottest ECRs’ aims to discuss new preprints from early-career researchers, as well as highlight different experiences of academia and the science publishing process.[…]

preLights as a teaching aid

14 June 2021

If you’re a regular preLights reader, you might have seen a recent collection of posts published by groups of university students. Two courses, NYU Peer Review, for second-year graduate students, and Utrecht Protein Folding and Assembly, for final-year undergraduates, have used writing for preLights as a teaching tool for group-based critical analysis of preprints. Group[…]