Call for new preLighters 2020

5th February 2020

preLights, The Company of Biologists’ preprint highlighting service, is turning two years old later this month. At the heart of preLights is the community of early-career researchers who select and highlight interesting preprints in various fields. We are excited to now further grow our team of preLighters and are seeking early-career researchers (PhD students, postdocs,[…]

Create preprint lists (preLists) on our website!

20th January 2020

We launched preLists last year, and responding to the interest from the scientific community, we have now made it possible for any researcher (not just preLighters) to create either a topic-specific preprint list, or collect a list of preprints that were presented at a conference. (The posting of preprint highlights remains restricted to ‘preLighters’.)  […]

The most read preLights of 2019

1st January 2020

2019 was a very prolific year with 314 preprint highlights posted, and here we’ve collected the most popular ones:   #1 Pavithran Ravindran‘s post on optogenetic control of Wnt signalling to interrogate patterning in stem cells was the most read preLight in 2019 and included a comment from preprint first author Nicole Repina.     #2[…]

7 things that shaped preLights in 2019

31st December 2019

On the last day of the year (and in fact, the decade), we look back at some of the highlights of 2019   #1 We launched preLists, where researchers curate a list of preprints presented at conferences, or compile a list of preprints on a certain topic. #2 At the end of February, we celebrated[…]

Capturing the value added to a paper during peer review

26th September 2019

Preprints accelerate science by making research accessible prior to journal publication, but peer-review often substantially improves papers. While for a long time the review history of a paper was not visible to anyone apart from the authors and reviewers/editors, recently, increasing numbers of journals have started publishing this information alongside the paper (including The Company[…]

preLights reached 500 posts!

24th September 2019

Last week we reached our 500th preLights post – a big round of applause to all the preLighters who contributed! We are thrilled to see the wide range of fields and topics that the team covers, and are grateful to the preprint authors who provided comments to questions and additional insights to their story. The[…]

We presented at the ALPSP Annual Conference and Awards

18th September 2019

As one of four projects that were shortlisted for the ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing, we were invited to talk about preLights at the ALPSP Annual conference  organized at the beautiful De Vere Beaumont Estate in Old Windsor, UK from September 11th – 13th, 2019     Claire Moulton, Publisher at The Company of[…]

preLights nominated for ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing

13th August 2019

We are delighted to announce that preLights has been shortlisted for the ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing. On the ALPSP website you can read an interview with us, where we also discuss our future plans