preLighters launch Preprints in Motion podcast

21 July 2021

Two members of the preLights community, Jonny Coates and Emma Wilson, recently launched a new preprint-focused podcast.

Preprints in Motion, dubbed as ‘getting the director’s cut of cutting-edge research direct from the hottest ECRs’ aims to discuss new preprints from early-career researchers, as well as highlight different experiences of academia and the science publishing process. Recent episodes have discussed topics as diverse as the role of Wikipedia as a source of information in the COVID-19 pandemic, to how close we are to understanding limb regeneration, to the pros and cons of preprints.

New episodes can be found on the usual podcast platforms, and Jonny and Emma also hope to write up some of the preprints they discuss as preLights posts.

We’ll be featuring details from the most preprint-relevant episodes on this page, so keep an eye out for exciting new research and be sure to check out the podcast for the full story!