Jonny Coates

Babraham Institute

I am interested in immune cell biology, particularly how immune cells are capable of performing such wide ranging functions and how they adapt to different environmental cues such as glucose or hypoxia. During my masters degree, I investigated the presence of fibroblast subtypes and the role of PGE2 signalling in fibrosis. I completed my PhD in Iwan Evans’ lab at the University of Sheffield investigating the existence of macrophage subtypes in Drosophila. I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in Sarah Ross’ lab based in Cambridge. In my current research I have branched out into the adaptive immune response and I am investigating the impact of hypoxia on the transcriptional and epigenetic landscape of cytotoxic T cells. I have a wide interests in cell/molecular biology, metabolism and tumour immunology with a penchant for microscopy and big data.

I also take an active interest in science communication and open access and career development for ECRs.

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