Jonny Coates


My scientific interests are based around meta-research and immune cell biology, particularly how immune cells are capable of performing wide ranging functions and how they adapt to different environmental cues. During my masters degree, I investigated the presence of fibroblast subtypes and the role of PGE2 signalling in fibrosis. I completed my PhD in the labs of Iwan Evans & Martin Zeidler at the University of Sheffield investigating the existence of macrophage subtypes in Drosophila. Following a brief post-doc in Cambridge, I moved to London, investigating the role of neutrophils and T-cells in ischaemia reperfusion injury (IRI) in the Voisin lab. I’m currently the Associate Director at ASAPbio.

In addition, I have active interests in science communication, metaresearch and research culture. I host the Preprints in Motion podcast where we highlight ECRs and the benefits of preprinting and founded the UK & EU postdoc community to provide a place for postdocs to support one-another and share resources. I have also featured on international radio stations (BBC Radio 4, ORF & German National radio) to communicate the importance of preprints in addition to having written for outlets such as The Scientist and the British Society for Cell Biology.

I am a member of IGDORE and the Ronin Institute and I also sit on the scientific advisory board for Europe PMC. I left the bench behind in 2023 and now work to further the adoption and use of preprints in the biosciences as the Associate Director at ASAPbio.

I am always happy to collaborate on projects of interest & talk all things preprint – just get in touch.

Jonny Coates has added 23 preLight posts

KDM6B-dependent chromatin remodelling underpins effective virus-specific CD8+ T cell differentiation

Jasmine Li, Kristine Hardy, Moshe Olshansky, et al.

Selected by 19 February 2020

Jonny Coates


Insights from a survey-based analysis of the academic job market

Jason D. Fernandes, Sarvenaz Sarabipour, Christopher T. Smith, et al.

Selected by 08 December 2019

Jonny Coates et al.

Scientific Communication and Education

bioRxiv: the preprint server for biology

Richard Sever, Ted Roeder, Samantha Hindle, et al.

Selected by 19 November 2019

Jonny Coates, Rob Hynds

Scientific Communication and Education

Building customizable auto-luminescent luciferase-based reporters in plants

Arjun Khakhar, Colby Starker, James Chamness, et al.


Plants with self-sustained luminescence

Tatiana Mitiouchkina, Alexander S. Mishin, Louisa Gonzalez Somermeyer, et al.

Selected by 15 November 2019

Martin Balcerowicz, Jonny Coates

Plant Biology

Hif-1alpha stabilisation is protective against infection in a zebrafish model of comorbidity

Yves Schild, Abdirizak Mohamed, Edward J. Wootton, et al.

Selected by 28 October 2019

Jonny Coates


Polypyrimidine Tract Binding Proteins are essential for B cell development

Elisa Monzón-Casanova, Louise S. Matheson, Kristina Tabbada, et al.

Selected by 24 October 2019

Jonny Coates


Hypoxia induces transcriptional and translational downregulation of the type I interferon (IFN) pathway in multiple cancer cell types

Ana Miar, Esther Arnaiz, Esther Bridges, et al.

Selected by 25 August 2019

Jonny Coates

Cancer Biology

Co-Stimulation–Induced AP-1 Activity is Required for Chromatin Opening During T Cell Activation

Masashi Yukawa, Sajjeev Jagannathan, Andrey V. Kartashov, et al.

Selected by 02 August 2019

Jonny Coates


The effect of bioRxiv preprints on citations and altmetrics

Nicholas Fraser, Fakhri Momeni, Philipp Mayr, et al.

Selected by 18 July 2019

Jonny Coates, Maiko Kitaoka

Scientific Communication and Education

Pulmonary natural killer cells control neutrophil intravascular motility and response to acute inflammation

J. Secklehner, K. De Filippo, J. B. G. Mackey, et al.

Selected by 02 July 2019

Jonny Coates


Integrated Metabolomic and Transcriptomic Profiling Reveals Novel Activation-Induced Metabolic Networks in Human T cells

S. Hiemer, S. Jatav, J. Jussif, et al.

Selected by 21 June 2019

Jonny Coates


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