The most read preLights of 2019

1 January 2020

2019 was a very prolific year with 314 preprint highlights posted, and here we’ve collected the most popular ones:


#1 Pavithran Ravindran‘s post on optogenetic control of Wnt signalling to interrogate patterning in stem cells was the most read preLight in 2019 and included a comment from preprint first author Nicole Repina.  


#2 comes from the preLighter duo Paul Sanchez and Stefano Vianello, who wrote about how epiblast geometry at its extraembryonic boundary constrains BMP localization and ensures robust gradient formation. The preprint authors also commented on how their work improved as a result of peer review, and how posting a preprint helped them.



#3 is Gautam Dey‘s highlight on a heroic 12-year effort to isolate an archeon at the prokaryote-eukaryote interface.

#4 comes from Carmen Adriaens who reviewed two studies that pioneered spatial transcriptomics. 


#5 is a group effort by Gautam Dey, Zhang-He Goh, Lars Hubatsch, Maiko Kitaoka, Robert Mahen, Connor Rosen and Samantha Seah, who discussed what makes preprints popular .


#6 is Mariana De Niz’s highlight on live imaging of sub-organellar actin dynamics. The authors gave some insightful answers to Mariana’s questions which can be read at the bottom of the post.


Finally, Clarice Hong’s highlight landed on place #7, and she wrote about whether TADs matter for gene expression and disease.