CRISPR technology

Preprints describing new methods for CRISPR genome engineering

List by Fillip Port


PAM recognition by miniature CRISPR-Cas14 triggers programmable double-stranded DNA cleavage

Tautvydas Karvelis, Greta Bigelyte, Joshua K. Young, Zhenglin Hou, Rimante Zedaveinyte, Karolina Pociute, Arunas Silanskas, Česlovas Venclovas, Virginijus Siksnys

Expanding The CRISPR Toolbox With Mad7 In Zebrafish And Human Cells

Wesley A. Wierson, Brandon W. Simone, Zachary C. WareJoncas, Carla Mann, Jordan M. Welker, William A.C. Gendron, Michael A. Barry, Karl J. Clark, Drena Dobbs, Maura A. McGrail, Stephen C Ekker, Jeffrey C Essner

Development of a Confinable Gene-Drive System in the Human Disease Vector, Aedes aegypti.

Ming Li, Ting Yang, Nikolay P Kandul, Michelle Bui, Stephanie Gamez, Robyn Raban, Jared Bennett, Hector M Sanchez C., Gregory C Lanzaro, Hanno Schmidt, Yoosook Lee, John M Marshall, Omar S Akbari

A large-scale resource for tissue-specific CRISPR mutagenesis in Drosophila

Fillip Port, Claudia Strein, Mona Stricker, Benedikt Rauscher, Florian Heigwer, Jun Zhou, Celine Beyersdörffer, Jana Frei, Amy Hess, Katharina Kern, Roberta Malamud, Bojana Pavlovic, Kristin Rädecke, Lukas Schmitt, Lukas Voos, Erica Valentini, Michael Boutros

Single-cell Lineage Tracing by Integrating CRISPR-Cas9 Mutations with Transcriptomic Data

Hamim Zafar, Chieh Lin, Ziv Bar-Joseph

CRISPR/Cas9-based mutagenesis frequently provokes on-target mRNA misregulation

Rubina Tuladhar, Yunku Yeu, John Tyler Piazza, Zhen Tan, Jean Rene Clemenceau, Xiaofeng Wu, Quinn Barrett, Jeremiah Herbert, David H. Mathews, James Kim, Tae Hyun Hwang, Lawrence Lum

CRISPR adenine and cytosine base editors with reduced RNA off-target activities

Julian Grünewald, Ronghao Zhou, Sowmya Iyer, Caleb A. Lareau, Sara P. Garcia, Martin J. Aryee, J. Keith Joung

Suppression of unwanted CRISPR/Cas9 editing by co-administration of catalytically inactivating truncated guide RNAs

John C. Rose, Nicholas A. Popp, Christopher D. Richardson, Jason J. Stephany, Julie Mathieu, Cindy T. Wei, Jacob E. Corn, Dustin J. Maly, Douglas M. Fowler

A simple and efficient CRISPR technique for protein tagging

Fanning Zeng, Valerie Beck, Sven Schuierer, Isabelle Garnier, Carole Manneville, Claudia Agarinis, Lapo Morelli, Lisa Quinn, Judith Knehr, Guglielmo Roma, Frederic Bassilana, Mark Nash


Posted on: 20 May 2019 , updated on: 1 June 2019

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