A list of preprints to document our ever-expanding knowledge of this cytoskeletal element - its properties and functions - in diverse contexts.

List by Angika Basant


Microtubules form by progressively faster tubulin accretion, not by nucleation-elongation

Luke Rice, Michelle Moritz, David A Agard

This study models and investigates the poorly understood, very early steps of microtubule nucleation. It provides the surprising insight that this polymer likely assembles in layers and not by the addition of single monomer units.

Soluble tubulin is locally enriched at mitotic centrosomes in C. elegans

Johannes Baumgart, Marcel Kirchner, Stefanie Redemann, Jeffrey Woodruff, Jean-Marc Verbavatz, Frank Julicher, Anthony Hyman, Thomas Mueller-Reichert, Jan Brugues

This preprint uses imaging techniques to demonstrate that compared to the rest of the cytosol, soluble and polymeric tubulin concentration is dramatically increased around the poles of a dividing cell when 1000s of microtubules are being built to generate a mitotic spindle. Future work should address how such high concentrations are maintained!


Posted on: 20 May 2019 , updated on: 21 May 2019

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