Emma Armitage

University of Sheffield

I am currently studying for my PhD at the University of Sheffield, using zebrafish embryos to model a human disease called Adams-Oliver Syndrome. My PhD work focuses on cardiac development and how congenital heart defects arise, alongside the roles of non-coding RNAs during development and the onset of disease. I have a broad interest in developmental biology and biomedical sciences, in particular human disease modelling, CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing and microscopy.

Emma Armitage has added 2 preLight posts

A specialized mRNA translation circuit instated in pluripotency presets the competence for cardiogenesis in humans

Deniz Bartsch, Kaustubh Kalamkar, Gaurav Ahuja, et al.

Selected by 02 November 2022

Emma Armitage

Rnf20 shapes the endothelial control of heart morphogenesis and function

Linda Kessler, Rui Gao, Nalan Tetik-Elsherbiny, et al.

Selected by 11 October 2022

Emma Armitage

Developmental Biology

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