Julio Sainz de Aja

Harvard Medical School

I did my PhD on the pluripotency transcription factor’s network during development and stem cell differentiation in Miguel Manzanares‘ lab at CNIC. Now I am a joint postdoc in the labs of Carla Kim and George Daley at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, where I investigate the link between stem cell biology, lung fibrosis, cancer and biophysics.

Julio Sainz de Aja has added 3 preLight posts

Microstructured hydrogels to guide self-assembly and function of lung alveolospheres

Claudia Loebel, Aaron I. Weiner, Jeremy B. Katzen, et al.

Selected by 01 February 2022

Julio Sainz de Aja


Human alveolar Type 2 epithelium transdifferentiates into metaplastic KRT5+ basal cells during alveolar repair

Jaymin J. Kathiriya, Chaoqun Wang, Alexis Brumwell, et al.

Selected by 24 July 2020

Julio Sainz de Aja

Cell Biology

Cyp26b1 is required for proper airway epithelial differentiation during lung development

Edward Daniel, Gabrielle I. Sutton, Yadanar Htike, et al.

Selected by 19 August 2019

Julio Sainz de Aja

Developmental Biology

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