Laura McCormick

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I majored in biochemistry at Hamilton College and worked in a biophysical chemistry lab studying antimicrobial peptides. After graduating, I worked as a lab technician in Henry Higgs’ lab at Dartmouth College, studying the formin protein FMNL3. Currently, I’m a second-year graduate student in the Cell Biology and Physiology department at UNC-Chapel Hill. My research in Stephanie Gupton’s lab utilizes approaches in biochemistry, cell biology and neuroscience to study the regulation of the actin polymerase VASP during neuronal development.

Laura McCormick has added 2 preLight posts

A complex containing lysine-acetylated actin inhibits the formin INF2

Mu A, Tak Shun Fung, Arminja N. Kettenbach, et al.

Selected by 25 January 2019

Laura McCormick


A schizophrenia risk gene, NRGN, bidirectionally modulates synaptic plasticity via regulating the neuronal phosphoproteome

Hongik Hwang, Matthew J Szucs, Lei J Ding, et al.

Selected by 17 January 2019

Laura McCormick


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