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I am a PhD student studying microbiology and molecular biology at Brigham Young University in Utah, USA. My project focuses on the adhesion and growth of bacterial biofilms on abiotic surfaces, as well as mechanisms of gene transfer in biofilms. I am especially interested in the prevention of bacterial colonization of medical devices and hardware. I am passionate about interdisciplinary research and scientific communication. Beyond the lab I am a huge fan of hiking and rock climbing.

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Digitize your Biology! Modeling multicellular systems through interpretable cell behavior

Jeanette A.I. Johnson, Genevieve L. Stein-O’Brien, Max Booth, et al.

Selected by 08 November 2023

Benjamin Dominik Maier et al.

Systems Biology

Glycan-specific IgM is critical for human immunity to Staphylococcus aureus

Astrid Hendriks, Priscilla F. Kerkman, Meri R.J. Varkila, et al.

Selected by 10 August 2023

Lucy Bowden


Humoral and T-cell-mediated responses to a pre-clinical Zika vaccine candidate that utilizes a unique insect-specific flavivirus platform

Danielle L. Porier, Awadalkareem Adam, Lin Kang, et al.

Selected by 24 March 2023

Lucy Bowden


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Lucy Bowden

This was a really interesting preprint, and I agree with you: I would be interested in more research on the characterization of colonization and biofilm formation on aberrant mucus. I would also be interested in more explanation of the engineering of the air-liquid interface, which seemed to be one of the most important parts of this model.

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