Nozomu Takata

Hi!  I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at Northwestern University in Chicago, USA.  A major interest of mine is tissue morphogenesis in sensory organs that have given me intriguing cell/tissue behavior with the integration of dynamic molecular signals.

My academic research experience in Nagoya and Osaka Universities in Japan provided me with an excellent background in multiple biological disciplines, including plant/animal genetics.  I gained first insight into how plant (Arabidopsis thaliana) and animal (Caenorhabditis elegans) tissues elegantly form with the aid of Serine/Threonine and Tyrosine kinases in an evolutionary-biology standpoint. Those experiences, together with my current postdoctoral work, have made me an expert in developmental biology, evolutionary biology, stem cell biology, and molecular biology.

A goal of my research is to understand how cellular components and signals orchestrate tissue morphogenesis and cell lineages during the formation of the retina.  Eventually, I want to uncover the fundamental mechanisms controlling eye tissue formation upon eye development, disease, and injury, taking advantage of stem cell-derived 3D culture platforms.

Here, I continuously attempt to squeeze the essence of preprint papers as fresh as possible.  I hope to play a unique role by delivering my scientific argument, perspective, and criticism through the preLights community.

Nozomu Takata has added 5 preLight posts

An effective workshop on “How to be an Effective Mentor for Underrepresented STEM Trainees”

Andrea G. Marshall, Caroline B. Palavicino-Maggio, Elsie Spencer, et al.

Selected by 14 February 2022

Helen Robertson et al.

Scientific Communication and Education

Drag-and-drop genome insertion without DNA cleavage with CRISPR-directed integrases

Eleonora I. Ioannidi, Matthew T. N. Yarnall, Cian Schmitt-Ulms, et al.

Selected by 15 December 2021

Louise Moyle et al.


Genome-wide molecular recording using Live-seq

Wanze Chen, Orane Guillaume-Gentil, Riccardo Dainese, et al.

Selected by 26 April 2021

Irepan Salvador-Martinez et al.

Molecular Biology

Lactate Accelerates Mouse ES Cell Differentiation Towards the XEN Lineage

Mohamed I. Gatie, Tyler T. Cooper, Gilles A. Lajoie, et al.

Selected by 07 April 2021

Nozomu Takata

Cell Biology

Differentiation of human intestinal organoids with endogenous vascular endothelial cells

Emily M. Holloway, Joshua H. Wu, Michael Czerwinkski, et al.

Selected by 08 May 2020

Nozomu Takata

Developmental Biology

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