Shikha Nayar

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

I am currently a PhD Candidate at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. My thesis work consists of dissecting single-cell dynamics of immune cell populations in a zebrafish model of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. I also use complementary in vitro approaches to primarily understand the contribution of key monocyte populations to the chronicity of Crohn’s Disease.

Outside of the lab, I love taking advantage of all that NYC offers, including, but not limited to, running in Central Park, yoga classes and cheap eats around the city!

Shikha Nayar has added 2 preLight posts

Old fibroblasts secrete inflammatory cytokines that drive variability in reprogramming efficiency and may affect wound healing between old individuals

Salah Mahmoudi, Elena Mancini, Alessandra Moore, et al.

Selected by 30 November 2018

Shikha Nayar

Cell Biology

Dynamic control of proinflammatory cytokines Il-1β and Tnf-α by macrophages is necessary for functional spinal cord regeneration in zebrafish

Themistoklis M. Tsarouchas, Daniel Wehner, Leonardo Cavone, et al.

Selected by 30 July 2018

Shikha Nayar

Developmental Biology

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