preLights in 2020

1 January 2021

Looking back at 2020, we have a lot to thank our preLighter community and our readers!

It was our busiest year since launch with 434 preLight posts, and we were thrilled that 251 of them contained an author’s response. The preLighters were also busy with projects related to COVID-19 preprints, and we posted several interviews with members of our community. Below we have collected our most-read posts of the year.

Mariana De Niz, our most active preLighter, wrote about image denoising back in January, featuring the work of Florian Jug and team


Berrak Ugur and Aakriti Jain highlighted an unexpected role of mitochondrial fatty acid synthesis in regulating oxidative phosphorylation and muscle differentiation


Our most-read preList came from Paul Gerald L. Sanchez and Stefano Vianello who curated a list of gastruloid preprints


Rob Mahen wrote about the SARS-CoV-2-Human Protein-Protein Interaction Map while another COVID preLight from Brooke Chambers reviewed how SARS-CoV-2 invades human enterocytes via TMPRSS2 and TMPRSS4 action


Tim Fessenden highlighted an important advance in light-sheet microscopy by the group of Reto Paul Fiolka


Finally, Gautam Dey’s preLight on the evaluation of scientific conferences was also very popular, and featured an audio-recorded Q&A with the authors