preLights x FocalPlane posts now published

27 October 2021

At the end of September we hosted our first preLights x FocalPlane social writing event. Helen and Esperanza, the Community Managers for preLights and FocalPlane, respectively, selected two microscopy-related preprints from different fields: parasitology and neuroscience. Having read the preprints in advance of the event, the preLighters split into two groups to discuss the research and start working on a collaborative preLights post.

After the event, both groups finished writing their preLights post, incorporating feedback from the members of the other group. Both preLights posts were also sent to the authors of the preprint for further insight and to ask for answers to the preLighters questions.

The final highlight posts, including author comments, have now been published.

Read the neuroscience-related post by preLighters Kristina Kuhbander, Ranabir Chakraborty, and Soni Mohaptra here, and the parasitology-related post by preLighters Julia Grzymkowski, Joao Mello-Vieira, and Victoria Alonso on FocalPlane here.