Preprints in Motion recent episodes: November 2021

25 November 2021

The Preprints in Motion podcast was launched by preLighters Jonny Coates and Emma Wilson earlier this year.

Thanks to Emma for updating us on their recent episodes:

Episode 13 – Mice in Space: Characterizing Mouse Skeletal Muscles After 35-37 Days of Spaceflight

This week we talk to Jessica L Braun ,a PhD Student at Brock University, about mice in space, the impact of prolonged space flight on mice, and how this can relate to astronaut physiology. Jessica speaks about her work comparing Ca2+ uptake and SERCA function in the soleus and tibialis anterior muscles of mice which have spent 35-37 days on the international space station. We discuss everything from a mice mission control, to cardigan rhythms, and the different effects on males and female mice. We also talk about preprints and the increased attention it can bring to exciting new research, as well as how to improve public engagement.

Episode 14: Be the change you want to see: prefigurative politics in academia

This week we discuss prefigurative politics in academia with Stefano Davide Vianello, a PhD student in @EPFL_en in Switzerland. Prefigurative politics is the idea that in order to change how a system works, we should act in a way that reflects the change we want to see. In Stefano’s case, preprinting is the end goal and he has therefore submitted a preprint without any intention of also submitting it to a journal. We speak to him about his reasons for this and why he is against academics paying for open access, as well as four key points on what has to change to make academia more open for everyone, not just the global north.

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