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‘In preprints’ from Development 2022-2023

A list of the preprints featured in Development's 'In preprints' articles between 2022-2023


List by Alex Eve, Katherine Brown

preLights peer support – preprints of interest

This is a preprint repository to organise the preprints and preLights covered through the 'preLights peer support' initiative.


List by preLights peer support

“Make your negative result a preprint winner” competition (ASAPbio)

In January 2023, ASAPbio hosted a competition titled "Make your negative result a preprint winner". This competition serves to highlight the importance of sharing negative and inconclusive results via preprints with the scientific community. Science is an iterative process that is built upon previous findings, not all of which confirm our hypothesis. Many times, we stumble upon roadblocks and data that do not confirm the null hypothesis and are hence negative results. Many researchers do not report such data, but they are still results that are useful to drive the research forward! A group of ASAPbio fellows wanted to celebrate sharing of “negative or inconclusive” findings and organized a competition to support preprints in any field of experimental or computational biology. This preList lists the 3 winners of the competition.


List by Kanika Khanna

Preprint Peer Review – Biochemistry Course at UFRJ, Brazil

Communication of scientific knowledge has changed dramatically in recent decades and the public perception of scientific discoveries depends on the peer review process of articles published in scientific journals. Preprints are key vehicles for the dissemination of scientific discoveries, but they are still not properly recognized by the scientific community since peer review is very limited. On the other hand, peer review is very heterogeneous and a fundamental aspect to improve it is to train young scientists on how to think critically and how to evaluate scientific knowledge in a professional way. Thus, this course aims to: i) train students on how to perform peer review of scientific manuscripts in a professional manner; ii) develop students' critical thinking; iii) contribute to the appreciation of preprints as important vehicles for the dissemination of scientific knowledge without restrictions; iv) contribute to the development of students' curricula, as their opinions will be published and indexed on the preLights platform. The evaluations will be based on qualitative analyses of the oral presentations of preprints in the field of biochemistry deposited in the bioRxiv server, of the critical reports written by the students, as well as of the participation of the students during the preprints discussions.


List by Marcus Oliveira

Alumni picks – preLights 5th Birthday

This preList contains preprints that were picked and highlighted by preLights Alumni - an initiative that was set up to mark preLights 5th birthday. More entries will follow throughout February and March 2023.


List by Sergio Menchero et al.

Science publishing, preprinting, and Open Access

Preprints covering a changing science publishing landscape


List by Helen Robertson