Alexander Ward

Arta Bioanalytics, Sydney, Australia

I’m the Founder of Arta Bioanalytics, a bioinformatics support and consultancy company targeted at the cultured meat industry. Originally from the UK, now living in Sydney, Australia. Scientific interests include systems/network Biology, tissue regeneration and advanced microscopy techniques. Outside that, I love to surf and hike, which makes Australia the perfect place for me!

Alexander Ward has added 4 preLight posts

Comparative analysis of cattle breeds as satellite cell donors for cultured beef

Lea Melzener, Shijie Ding, Rui Hueber, et al.

Selected by 28 February 2022

Alexander Ward

Cell Biology

Integration of Protein Interactome Networks with Congenital Heart Disease Variants Reveals Candidate Disease Genes

Barbara Gonzalez-Teran, Maureen Pittman, Franco Felix, et al.

Selected by 21 April 2021

Alexander Ward


Bromodomain Inhibition Blocks Inflammation-Induced Cardiac Dysfunction and SARS-CoV2 Infection in Pre-Clinical Models

Richard J Mills, Sean J Humphrey, Patrick RJ Fortuna, et al.

Selected by 27 November 2020

Alexander Ward, Osvaldo Contreras


A Transcriptional Switch Governing Fibroblast Plasticity Underlies Reversibility of Chronic Heart Disease

Michael Alexanian, Pawel F. Przytycki, Rudi Micheletti, et al.

Selected by 11 August 2020

Osvaldo Contreras, Alexander Ward

Cell Biology

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