Lorenzo Lafranchi

Karolinska Institutet

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. During my graduate studies at the University of Zurich, in Switzerland, I became interested in the cellular mechanisms ensuring the maintenance of genome stability. Generally, I am fascinated by the heterogenous nature of the most disparate biological processes and I enjoy using quantitative microscopy to investigate signaling events on a single cell level.

In my current project, I exploit amber suppression for tagging and studying the function of uncharacterized proteins generated by alternative mRNA translation. Amber suppression is a form of genetic code expansion that enables the targeted incorporation of non-canonical amino acids (ncAAs) into proteins of interest. Bioorthogonal chemical groups present on ncAAs enable a plethora of specific applications to probe, image and control protein functions.

Lorenzo Lafranchi has added 6 preLight posts

An engineered transcriptional reporter of protein localization identifies regulators of mitochondrial and ER membrane protein trafficking in high-throughput screens

Robert Coukos, David Yao, Mateo I. Sanchez, et al.

Selected by 31 May 2021

Lorenzo Lafranchi


Akt/Foxo pathway activation switches apoptosis to senescence in short telomere zebrafish

Mounir El-Maï, Marta Marzullo, Inês Pimenta de Castro, et al.

Selected by 21 January 2020

Lorenzo Lafranchi

Cell Biology

Developmental regulation of Canonical and small ORF translation from mRNA

Pedro Patraquim, Jose I. Pueyo, M. Ali Mumtaz, et al.

Selected by 09 September 2019

Lorenzo Lafranchi


AGO1x prevents dsRNA-induced interferon signaling to promote breast cancer cell proliferation

Souvik Ghosh, Joao C Guimaraes, Manuela Lanzafame, et al.

Selected by 05 May 2019

Lorenzo Lafranchi

Cancer Biology

Synthetic pluripotent bacterial stem cells

Sara Molinari, David L. Shis, James Chappell, et al.

Selected by 17 February 2019

Lorenzo Lafranchi

Synthetic Biology

Multi-color single molecule imaging uncovers extensive heterogeneity in mRNA decoding

Sanne Boersma, Deepak Khuperkar, Bram M.P. Verhagen, et al.

Selected by 18 December 2018

Lorenzo Lafranchi

Cell Biology

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